Why are Alfie Evans and Terri Schiavo Different?

The Western World was paying close attention to the plight of a little boy, who was lying critically ill in Liverpool, England’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and who was at the center of a dispute between his parents, the British courts, and the hospital itself.  The courts and the hospital had "decided" that Alfie is … Continue reading Why are Alfie Evans and Terri Schiavo Different?

George Washington’s Estate Planning Blunder

George Washington’s meticulous Estate Planning had a hiccup. When George Washington died on December 14, 1799, to say that he had become a wealthy man would be a serious understatement.  Although Washington was a busy man, and although he, too, died somewhat unexpectedly, following a brief illness, in contrast to Abraham Lincoln in later years, … Continue reading George Washington’s Estate Planning Blunder

Patience is More Than a Virtue

Patience is more than a virtue.  It can actually lead to happiness. In the 1960s, a professor at Stanford University began a modest experiment testing the willpower of four-year-old children.  He placed before them a large marshmallow and then told them they could eat it right away or, if they waited for 15 minutes, they … Continue reading Patience is More Than a Virtue

Federal Estate Tax and Gift Tax Explained

A source of common confusion is the application of the Federal Estate Tax (the so-called "death tax") and the Federal Gift Tax.  People who have worked hard and been prudent about saving their money during their lifetimes may find that, as they approach their later years, they are concerned about what to do with their savings.  Giving it … Continue reading Federal Estate Tax and Gift Tax Explained